“Inside My Head” by Co-Dean

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Poems

I can’t sleep at night, Paranoid from my past life.

Knowing everything happened because I wouldn’t act right.

It haunts me till this day, man I want out of this fast life.

Dreaming about a gavel falling. Giving me life with some graphite.

Damn, my Demons pressure these bad thoughts.

Thinking about nights when I was hunting folks but laughing my ass off.

Now thinking about the years of tears and pain I’ve caused

Realizing now the reason for all the things I’ve lost.

It used to not make sense, why all this bad luck,

If they knew half of all I’ve done, they’d cover my ass up.

Plus I’ve made the mistake of looking at different religions,

Confused, now I see the same but a lot of its different.

Who am I to say who’s wrong and who’s right?

Like is it Mohammad or is it Jesus Christ.

Mixed emotions about a lot but there’s no way I’m gay

The worlds got to be crazy to think that’s ok.

Is it real or is it Fake? Is is something to go on,

Can we depend on man? Shit I don’t know haven’t I

got to try something because I’m driving myself crazy,

And that’s the only good I know so maybe.


By Co-Dean

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