Two Inmates Shot In A Columbia County Prison

Posted: April 25, 2014 in News and politics

COLUMBIA COUNTY – The Columbia Correctional Institution continues to be on lockdown after two inmates were shot and this isn’t the prison’s first incident of violence.

The Columbia Correctional Institution made out a 911 call in reference to two inmates being stabbed Saturday afternoon. Later that information was updated to shot.

An incident that left two inmates in Lake City injured has many in the community worried. One of the comments on our Facebook posts which generated a lot of attention from family members reads: “My son is in this prison. I have tried to get information on who got shot and they won’t tell me anything…”

We talked to a spokesperson for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, he says the case is being handled by the Department of Corrections and referred all questions to the DOC. And while we did reach out to them, no calls were returned by the time of this newscast.

Quentin McFadden who has a family member in the prison next door at the Lake City Correctional Facility said, “We don’t know who shot who… So everyone out here is at risk.”

Due to the close proximity he can’t help but worry for his loved one’s safety, his boyfriend Rafael Ortiz agrees, “We don’t know if it was an inmate who shot an inmate or a correctional officer that shot an inmate… So we’re very concerned about who is the one who shot? And was the inmates okay?”

Weekend visitations for Columbia Correctional Institution and the Columbia Annex have been cancelled for the weekend. This isn’t the first time a violent act takes place at the CCI. In 2012 Sergeant Ruben Thomas was killed in the line of duty at this very prison.

“So now who are we to trust? You know? Really… You don’t know who to trust now, a guard killed an inmate or it could have been that an inmate stole a guard’s gun and killed another inmate. So we have that question right now,” McFadden said.

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