Doing So Much Time by C.G.

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Poems

I’m the voice at the other end of the phone

living life on another planet.

Hang it up and again I’m alone,

just so much that I can stand it.

I never even wear a watch.

I go sunup to sundown.

My calendar is my only clock

and the pages are really turning now.


I count the year as over with

when football season starts,

but those nights can get real long

when there are no third yards.

You’ve got to have ever been here

to really even feel me.

I spend my time trying to live

while the system tries to kill me.


They done took out all the weights.

They done took out all the food.

If you don’t get no money,

then you’s a broke-ass dude.

I got this jit up under my wing.

It goes in one ear and out the other.

You can’t tell him anything,

but he’s my motherlovin little brother.


I’ve been around here for so long,

it’s like I was always here,

where there’s no such thing as right or wrong;

just respect and fear.

And I get along very well

cause I can bring the pain.

When them crackers push that button,

they can bring the rain.


Doing time by the decades;

my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

See you when I’m 53.

Hope I can still make some shorties.

When I get out and look you up,

will you hang up the phone?

Or block me from your facebook page,

or whatever it is they got going on?


I’m a relic from long ago.

In my mind it’s still the same.

Aged like wine fermented slow.

Drink it up to kill the pain.

And after so much time it no longer hurts.

I’ve been away for too long.

I spent all night on this verse

and all year on this song.

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