My Ear by Grady

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Poems

I just can’t help myself

I got my ear to the street.

I hear about people that I’ll never even meet

and the ones I once knew,

I hear about ‘em too.

Every now and then I’ll even hear about you,

but I’m like forget about it most of the time;

smoking toochee, Cadillacs,

drinking homemade wine.

Every now and then I put my ear to the sky

and listen for the Lord, looking for a sign,

looking for some meaning, trying to reason why

I’m sitting in this prison spending most of my life.

Sitting here in the box

the shit’ll drive you crazy.

Niggas banging on their doors,

rappin like they’re Weezie.

I’m just in here counting the days.

I keep my ear to the ground still calling the plays.

When I’m back on the pound,

I don’t even want to hear it,

but right now I just got to lay down and wear it.

When I’m back in the world

I’ll put my ear to the grind.

It’s hard to even think about with so much time,

so much pain that I’m trying to leave behind.

All these years I’ve done in prison

and it’s still on my mind,

still on my shoulders and still on my heart,

put my ear to myself, I hear the voices in the dark.

Turn on the lights

quick, you’re scaring me.

Lend me your ear so I can make sure you’re hearing me.

I want my radio, my MP3.

Put my ear in there, I don’t wanna hear me.

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