The Night Before Christmas by Timothy Marckman

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Poems

Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the cell,

the convicts were locked up,

all madder than hell.

Except for the lifers

kicked back on their bunks,

their heads filled with visions

of fat little punks.

When suddenly from the rooftop

there arose such a roar.

It must be a riot,

the guards thought for sure.

The goon squad ran in

and stood ready to hit.

The Sergeant yelled out,

“Who started this shit !?!”

“It came from th roof,”

yelled a cowardly snitch.

“it must be a breakout!”

Son of a bitch.

They climbed to the roof

by way of the stairs.

They found a fat little guy

dressed in red underwear.

“No, no”, said the dude,

“I bring you good cheer.”

“No shit”, said the Captain.

We caught us a queer!”

“Alright, man.  Get your hands on the wall!”

They shook him down good. Rear end and all.

They booked him and threw him in the hole with a kick.

Well so much for Christmas.

They busted St. Nick!


by Timothy Marckman

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