Prison Privatization a Scam by Ed Durkin, Lakeland

Posted: February 1, 2012 in News and politics

Gov. Rick Scott’s push to privatize prisons is just another scam of taxpayers. President George W. Bush did this on the federal level, created a huge industry for his rich supporters. But it didn’t save tax money, just switched to his 1 percent friends. Yes, laying off public employees can bring the wages and benefits costs down per prisoner. But what happened in the federal area? Many more people were sent to fill those prisons. It only took/takes a few judges working with the system to toss people in jail for minor crimes, most that didn’t do any damage to any other person such as a few grams of pot or a DUI that did not involve an accident.

More people in Jail ? more money for the owners of the private prisons.

The rich don’t seem to be aware, public employees such as the Prison Employees have to spend 90 to 100 percent of their income for basic necessities of life. The money they earn is spent at small business like restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores and a few large ones like auto makers. In other words, it creates more jobs.

Hopefully (but doubt it with GOP in charge of the legislature) Scot’s move will be tossed into the garbage can where it belongs and we keep paying less for our prison system. One that is well run now.



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