Hell No To Privatizing!

Posted: December 2, 2011 in News and politics

I’m Grady, Chris G., whatever. I’m writing this on 11-30-2011. I’m at Avon Park C.I., arguably the sweetest camp in Florida, but I’ll probably be leaving in the next month or so. I’m currently in Administrative Confinement pending investigation for something that is at this point irrelevant.

While in “the box”, I no longer have access to all the newspapers I had on the compound (open population), so the entries to the “News and Politics” category may slow down briefly. I would, however, like to add my perspective, a prisoner’s perspective, on the privatization plan introduced by Governer Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature. It is currently blocked by a highcourt, but Attorney Geeral Pam Bondi, who is a babe by the way, has entered an appeal.

You see, before Rick Scott was elected, the PBA (union that represents correctional officers) tried to scare you from voting for him by telling you he intended on cutting the prison budget by releasing dangerous criminals from prison, but in fact, he wanted to release correctional officers. First of all, they would never release violent offenders early. They have so many laws, such as the prison release re-offender act, assuring that violent criminals stay in prison for a long time receiving zero gaintime. It would hypothetically be first time and/or non-violent ones. Secondly, that wasn’t even the plan. It was to layoff correctional officers and they knew it. They were scrambling, as they still are, to keep their taxpayer funded gravy train rolling. They could easily go to work for the private prison firm which is, in theory, to take over all the prisons in sunny South Florida, but that would be against the grain to the Good Old Boys, and in this case, I’m on their side. Here’s why: the legislatiure has already included the plan in this year’s budget and they’re not allowed to privatize, then they would have to go back to the old proverbial drawing board, and find another way to save that money, which may include plans to release first time and non-violent offenders a little earlier by increasing their ration of gaintime and decreasing the percentage of time they must serve, which is currently 85%. Repeat violent offenders are already serving 100% of their time, receiving zero gaintime, because of the laws in place; and are not, nor will the be, a threat for early release.

So, the correctional officers are in turn forcing the governor and legislature to release some convicted felons early. Myself, I get gaintime. And I’d love to have some more. So I’m with them.

Hell no to privatizing!

Chris G.

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