Someone to Blame by John Zile

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Poems

A brand new day is dawning
as I open up my eyes.
My first thoughts are forming
and it’s time for me to rise.
It’s not getting any easier for me
because I still feel the same.
There’s no one here to turn to
and no one left to blame.

Broken dreams all around me,
there’s heartache in the air.
We all need someone to talk to
and we need someone who cares,
but it’s too late in our lives
to bring the past into the light.
We’re hurt and not the same.
We keep searching for someone to blame.

Can you see clearly in the mirror,
the reflections of your past?
It won’t get any easier for you.
The memories forever last,
all the people we disappointed,
left a bad taste in their mouths,
all the hearts that we have broken
is what this is all about.

by John Zile

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