Ye Who Judge by Chris G.

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Poems

I have witnesssed things that may never
really be fully understood;
how some people, being pure evil,
think in their own minds they are so good.
Not losing a wink of sleep, being fully content,
judgmental demons so lofty and wise
can actually look at me in their contempt
and point their fingers with self-righteous lies.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing perpetrating victim,
breaking hearts and lives with no shame,
all the while living as if they’ve done nothing
and leaving the broken to blame.
So cast your stones at me as I hang upon the tree.
Even still, watch your own life unravel.
And who shall be wrong then, when after I am gone?
And who shall wear the black robe and gavel?
by Chris G.

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