Obsessed by Chris G.

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Poems

Sometimes I’m obsessed with this,

sometimes it’s that.

Sometimes it’s this poetry thing.

Like, what rhymes with that?

Yes, I’m institutionalized.

Yes, that plays a part.

I have a daily routine

in which I know by heart.


I’m obsessed with working out.

You should’ve already guessed.

If I miss one day,

Then I get depressed.

I live in the past.

My future is a blur.

I listen to the radio,

songs about her.


Every day at mail call,

I’m sweating a letter

that was promised to come

when things get better

and everyday it’s a heartache

in the shadow of sorrow,

but a shining obsession

will have me sweating tomorrow.


Awake in the night,

hiding from my dreams,

a lot on my mind,

so I write down things

off the top of my head.

Some are pretty deep.

I think so much

that I just can’t sleep.


Only one subject

or another fills my mind

Every waking moment

As I sift through time.

Every dream is haunted

by the same familiar face

whose name is on the walls

that surround me in this place.


I am an Aries,

Sagittarius rising,

so if you know, then you know

there’s a fire inside me.

The flame is the hottest

when it turns to blue.

If you start it, then you own it

and it burns for you.


I’m the first to admit it.

Yes, I obsess.

I won’t let go,

ton of bricks on my chest.

I don’t know what it is

that I would do unless

I could spend all my time

Being so obsessed.

By Chris G.






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