Posted: June 26, 2011 in Poems
He walked through those prison gates
thinking about all the mistakes
that had brought him to this God forsaken place
and how it was now way too late
because his every decision sealed his fate.
Now he’s amongst those who can relate.

He took a good long look around
the vastness of the prison grounds
and all he could hear was
the sound of his heart – beating.
As far as his eyes could see
he looked upon nothing but -
pain and misery.
Then came the realization that
he would never, ever be free again.

As the tears filled up in his eyes
he fought the urge to cry.
He knew he had to be strong
or he would not make it for long.

He’d left all his loved ones behind
except in his heart and in his mind.
But deep down inside he knew
all the heartache that he had put them through.
Even though he was stuck -
for life in this human zoo,
He also knew,
there’s a real thin line
between freedom and incarceration.

When a loved one crosses that line
and decides to commit a crime
all those left behind
are also sentenced to do his time
at least in their hearts and minds.

Truth be told,
We all do the time.
Some of us physically
and some of us emotionally.


We all do the time
in our hearts and in our minds,
one family member at a time
because of the emotional bind,
“We All Do The Time”!
by John Zile

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