Hope and Salvation by Chris G.

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Poems

Now you see her.

Now you don’t.

What the hell was that?

Out of nowhere

an angel fell

right into my lap.

I blinked my eyes

and she was gone.

Maybe it was all a dream,

but it was the closest

thing to salvation

that I had ever seen.

Five down and

twelve to go

in case you’re keeping track.

There comes a point

when no one knows

if they’ll make it back.

To find acceptance

with our fate

is the only way to cope.

You forget about

love and hate

when all you know is hope.

I’m not a savior,

but within days

I can turn water into wine

and I’m not hopeful,

but I have my ways

of passing through the hands of time.

All I need

is one more verse

to fill this empty page

and if I removed

the part that hurts,

there’d be nothing left to save.

These few verses

are not enough

to say all that I’d like to,

but it’s all I got

when the one I love,

I cannot write to.

Hope and salvation

are like wishful thinking

delivered on a wing and a prayer

and I pray that in twelve,

I’ll be coming home

to an angel waiting for me there.

by Chris G.

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