Florida Banning Tobacco Use in Prison

Posted: March 22, 2011 in News and politics


Published: Monday, March 14, 2011 at 11:18 p.m.



TALLAHASSEE | Florida’s new prison chief is just saying no to smoking and other tobacco use.

Department of Corrections Secretary Edwin Buss on Monday announced that Florida’s prisons will be tobacco-free in six months. He said that should cut health care costs and make prisons safer.

Buss was one of Gov. Rick Scott’s first appointees. He previously headed Indiana’s prison system.

Buss said inmates hospitalized for tobacco-related illnesses cost taxpayers nearly $9 million in the past year. He said snuffing out cigarettes also will make the prisons cleaner and removing lighters will make them safer.

Inmates will be offered smoking cessation assistance and designated smoking areas will be set up outside prison walls and fences for employees.

More than half of the state’s ban tobacco in prisons.

This story appeared in print on page B4

  1. pdolinger says:

    I “Like” this post because it provides accurate information to the public which includes the families and friends of the more than 100000 souls imprisoned in the Florida Department of Corrections.

    As a former prisoner who served more than 18 years in the FDOC, I can personally attest to the fact that we have yet to even see the calm before the storm. Like it or not, the single most-effective tool relied upon by correctional officers to enforce their authority is the threat of going to A/C or D/C confinement and Close Management, where smoking is prohibited.

    It may prove that history is destined to repeat itself, as several prior legislative initiates that would have banned smoking by state prisoners were consistently tabled once the state’s tobacco lobbyists moved to insure that result. However, giving the reduced influence of Big Tobacco following Florida’s judicial settlement years ago, I have the feeling that Governor Scott and FDOC Secretary Buss may just well pull this one off.
    Peter B. Dolinger, Owner

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