Death Warmed Over by Clint Creach and Joe Palmer

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Poems

Breathe me in and blow me out.

Feel the sensation you can’t do with out.

rush to the Devil’s den

as his talons of fire

clutches your soul within.

Now you’ve sealed your fate and it’s much too late.


Stems of roses turning to glass.

Wisps of smoke curl but never last.

Breathe it in and surrender your fate.

Feel your heart explode, oh, but it’s too late!


I don’t know why I’m really here.

Can’t seem to see things all that clear.

Day by day, everything slips further away

as I fade into the shadows

waiting on my judgment day.


Now I’m staring up from the coffin I built with my own two hands,

facing the opposite direction

of the promised land.

If you never walked a mile in my shoes,

how could you understand?


Now I’m reduced to nothing

but skin and bone,

reclused to a place faraway and unknown.

as I ride upon black wings all through the night,

blinded by the darkness because I can’t see the light.

The grim reaper’s grinning his evil smile,

looking you in the eye, lying all the while;

tells you it’s paradise.  It’s the perfect cover,

but you look, you look like death warmed over!

   by Clint Creach and Joe Palmer

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