My Life Consist of Alot by Chris G.

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Poems
My life consist of a lot of laying around and thinking;
staring at the ceiling and not blinking.
Looking at the future and looking at the past;
hoping that the present don’t last.
My life consists of alot of sitting around and waiting,
being mad at the world, and hating;
staring at the walls, staring at the floor,
staring out the window or my door.
I listen to the echoes of silence through the halls
bouncing off the cold, pale walls.
I listen to the music in which my memory plays.
I sing to myself for days.
I’ve become content with alot of pattern and routine.
My only escape is in dreams.
My life consists of a alot of boring-ass times
at which point I write these rhymes.
   by Chris G.

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