The Walk by Benjamin Wibben

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Poems
Put your hand in my back pocket
and walk me down you way
to show me all the things you love.
You’re the way I walk today.
The sounds you make are music,
a tone of sirens to my ears.
Tell me all you have to say
through laughter or through tears.
Our way of love is honest,
Our path is free to flow,
but you’re the lock; I am the key.
Now I’m knocking on your door.
If you’ll open, I’ll come in.
If not I’ll simply wait.
The key is yours with respect
even if I am too late.
But we’ll continue walking,
slow and steady is the pace,
with your hand in my back pocket.
If it’s love, we won the race.
So when you’re world starts spinning
and things just don’t go right,
just get my picture and look at my face
and kiss me, baby…. good night.
    by Benjamin Wibben

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