Lyrics from Incarceration by Chris G.

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Poems
Listen to the sound of spiritual laceration,
prison poetry, lyrics from incarceration.
Aggravation, the blues;
it’s the life we choose,
subconciously willing to lose.
My dues
have been paid.
I never received nothing.
I got to hold on, keep going for something;
some type of light
at the end of my tunnel that shines,
something to keep me from going out of my mind.
You’ve heard it all before,
line after line,
but this is how I’m doing my time.
I like to rhyme.
I like to write.
They come to me in  the night.
I got to jump up and write ’em down
even when they turn out the light.
Prison poetry, lyrics from incarceration;
it’s my way of expression,
depression; damnation.
Everytime I pick up a pen and a paper,
I’m trying to pull off another lyrical caper.
I’m in the box right now.
it seems like I stay here.
Until they let me out, I’m just gonna lay here
and pray here.
Maybe God will enlighten me
and give me the strength to return to society
and be half the man you know that I’d like to be.
Like in the Army:
I’m gonna be all that I can be
and fight all the demons
even though sometimes they frighten me.
I’ll try to see.
I guess what I’m trying to say
is I’m gonna keep on writing until I see that day.
Lyrics from incarceration-
poetry from in prison.
I’ve already done two bids,
three if you count this one.
Everybody’s got to do their time
and make it pass somehow.
When I open up my mind,
there’s no telling what comes out.
Like it or not, thumbs up or thumbs down,
I’m gonna keep on doing this
until my time runs out.
Some say I’m spun out.
How do I come up with it?
It’s my escape from this place
when I just cannot put up with it.
When it seems like I’m stuck with it,
I write these verses like a book.
We can make ’em a song.
All I need is a hook.
    by Chris G.

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