My World by Chris Rabinette

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Poems


Live a little, live a lot, but dying is forever.

Loved to live a lot by never saying never.

Now that I think about it, that was my only pleasure.

When I was walking blind, that Ruger was my treasure

and who knew at Kmart when I got my first taste,

a year later how I caught my first case.

What, you would’ve thought I won first place,

but you see it ain’t the race I wanna be running,

locked away so deep in this dungeon,

but I can see clearly now cause the smoke is gone.

Look around and realize this ain’t where I belong,

but how could I prolong the inevitable.

It’s their lie so let e’m tell it how they tell it.

I’m just another fella in a trumped up world,

but I’m still a survivor without my gun or my sword.

So just listen to this chord that comes straight from my heart

and you might get a glimpse why my world’s so dark.


I used to live off dope, now I live off hope,

locked in a prison where half these dudes

think it’s a joke.

Take a deep breath, I’m at the end of my rope.

See the other side of the fence and it’s hard to cope.

Am I giving up? Nope.

Take a toke of freedom and now I’m believing

in a reason to wake up.

I got a release date and that’s what’s up.

I ain’t letting my dreams go up in smoke,

they’re just a little delayed, but hey,

what can I say?  That’s the choice I made.

So now I have to pay the piper while trying to decipher

what the future holds, but God only knows.

That’s why I call out to him to show me the road.

That’s a story untold,

but everyday that passes, my world unfolds.

I see the writing on the wall,

letters big, black and bold.


It’s amazing, facing my reality,

wake up to a bunch of immorality, a couple casualties.

How I wanna light a blunt and escape casually.

Damn, my world’s a tragedy.

Dawg, wipe the tear away.

Don’t be sad for me.

Just write a rap for me so you can bob your head.

Reminisce on times we shared, times we had

when we was young and dumb.

We thought life was nothing but money, drugs, and fun,

but I can’t lie.

I wouldn’t change it if I had to try,

so with that in mind,

it makes my time fly.

Just chill, and you’ll find,

I’ll be coming out the pen in due time.

     by Chris Rabinette

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