Posted: January 9, 2010 in Poems
I woke up late one night
when something scared me half to death.
It was a dream I wish I never could recall.
Tears were streaming down my face
in a strange and lonely place
and I could smell the stench still rising off the wall.
It felt as though my soul
was a dark and empty hole
and my heart was beating loud inside my ears.
I couldn’t help but cry
as the demons passed me by,
and an angel softly whispered, "seven years."
Then I saw the eyes of red
through a vision in my head
as the blood turned cold as ice inside my veins.
It was the dreadful pale white steed
approaching me with awesome speed.
In the saddle, Death was holding both his reins.
Well, I knew right then and there
I was not too brave to care
as I felt my body tremble to the bone.
I’ve been told that I’m insane
to let this cause me so much pain,
but you don’t want to see what I was shown.
The gates of hell flew open wide
as I was taken deep inside.
I looked around and I began to pray.
Then the angel took my hand,
said, "you can see the promised land,
but this is what is left on judgement day."
Then chills ran down my spine
as I neared the end of time
and the seven years I heard became so plain,
cause I could see with my own eyes
where the blood falls from the skies,
people screaming out in never ending pain.
I was preached to in my youth
about the cold, hard, bitter truth,
but I tell you now I wasn’t quite prepared.
When I saw the bridges burned
and all my lessons never learned,
set before me, I had never been so scared.
So I sent to God a plea.
Make the Devil set me free
and I will do for you whatever you command.
Steer me from that evil force.
Set me on the narrow course,
and please Jesus, put my soul into your hand.

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