Despite what they say…. by Michael G. Santos

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Quotes
     "Despite what corrections professionals may publish or profess, those of us who live in prison are convinced
that admisinstrators implement few programs with the interest of preparing offenders for law-abiding lives
upon release.  There is no authentic interest in motivating or encouraging prisoners to distinguish themselves with
excellence.  Programs exist purely for inmate accountability.  They are tools administrators use to maintain security. 
 To believe otherwise is akin to believing that the tobacco companies have an interest in helping people to stop
     …..This cycle of failure continues as if a closed loop, justifying the need for more prisons and all the billions of dollars
in expenditures that keep the system alive.  Neither those in corrections, nor those benefiting from the enormous
capital dispursements – like prison towns, suppliers, contractors, etc. – want to see material changes.  Why would they? 
Doing so would be akin to those in Las Vegas making a call for an end to gambling." 
     Michael G. Santos, in his book, Inside: Life Behind Bars in America
  1. Ann says:

    couldn’t be said better!

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