Time Capsule by Chris G.

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Poems

Can’t seem to feel the time or the season,

but I can deal the rhyme and the reason.

High treason, downtrodden;

trying to rise from the bottom.

Nostalgic winds blow in with the breeze of the autumn.


Walk in my shoes?

You can’t keep my shoes on.]

I’m a time capsule frozen

]as the world moves on.

Dig me up. I was buried

just like you found me.

I don’t age in this cage,

in these walls which have bound me.

Look around me.  All I see

are relics like me

waiting for the allotted time to be free.

Suspended animation slow to adaptation;

things change, rearrange,

I’m still the same creation.

The clock ticks down.  The countdown expires.

One desires the flames of long ago fires.

They still burn.  They still consume,

never to be extinguished

and time cannot resume that which time cannot distinguish.


So as the seasons will change,

like from summer to winter,

the transitional phases:

September to November.

I’m still the same, just like you remember.

I’m a time capsule

at your surrender.

by  Chris G.

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