Cruel and Unusual by Chris G.

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Poems
Cruel and Unusual by Chris G.
Once the gavel strikes, it’s fully conclusional:
welcome to a life, cruel and unusual.
The second wind in Florida’s sails
to take up the slack where tourism fails.
Another world where nobody knows;
where many come but nobody goes.
Called by names like chain gang and jail,
or the D.O.C, prison, and Hell.
Behind a lock, steel and block;
cry on the calendar, laugh at the clock.
Above the law, our benevelant Warden
has turned us all into beasts of burden;
beat into submission, tear gassed and stunned,
thrown in a hole, out from the sun.
Talked to like dogs, shove our nose in our mistakes,
and whip us with the law until our spirit breaks.
If you got a voice, you better not say it.
You can’t fight the system, you can only play it.
Ten, twenty, life, and mandatory time
can turn a genius into a maniacal mind.
The statutes make our sentences taller
while the budget cuts our portions smaller.
There’s no such thing as unconstitutional
when you live a life that’s cruel and unusual.
             by Chris G.

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