Thoughts of a Tiger

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Poems
In my bed I lay, most of the day,
Like a tiger in his cage,
and then I’ll pace the floor
and look out the door
and try to growl away my rage.
I remember the jungle where I once had my fun
lying with my kitty in the sun.
I’d hang out in the trees
and feel the breeze.
I spent my nights on the run.
I’d stalk the zebra and antelope there.
They didn’t have a prayer.
But the great white hunter
with sirens and stunner
caught me while I was unaware.
So here in the zoo with the rest of my crew,
the bears and gorillas too;
we dream of the day
before we were taken away
from the only life we ever knew.
    by Chris G.

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