A Man Died Today by Chris G.

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Poems



Somebody died on the compound today.
We watched the hearse come and take him away.
I’ve seen alot of guys E.O.S. that way.
It makes me think about the next life.

We were all en masse to work and recreation together.
The sun was just coming up to fight the cold weather.
That half hour this morning seemed to take forever
as we watched that hearse pull out of sight.

Some of us said a little prayer to God;
some of us to Jesus, others to Allah.
Some of us would just give a blank stare and nod.
A penny for our thought: delusional.

I think everybody had a little moment of silence
that took our minds off the madness and the violence.
Everybody, for a minute, forgot about the nonsense.
Then it was back to business as usual.
by Chris G.

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