Run, Rabbit, Run

Posted: June 21, 2007 in Poems
Run, Rabbit, Run  by Chris G.
I ran away to Polk County back when I was little.
I took my little buddy, Denny and we went to Tiger Villa.
We rode on our bikes with a hundred bucks between us.
We spent it all along the way on candy and Capri Suns.
When I was eighteen, I ran off to Daytona,
I hit the beach everyday and I did what I wanted.
I got in alot of trouble, though I never meant to:
banned from every hotel that I ever went to.
I ran to the Air Force, but they didn’t want me;
a felony conviction and they had to dis-own me.
I ran to the panhandle, turned it upside down.
until the county judge ran my ass out of town.
I’d try to catch the bus, but I’d miss it everytime,
I thought Pensacola, maybe South Carolina.
I ran to Port Richey and I ran to Zephyrhills,
a long distance runner with track star skills.
Run, rabbit, run, my heart used to say,
and I’d run , yeah, I’d run, like every single day.
I’d run from myself, right into a jam,
because wherever I run to, there I am.
by Chris G.

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