If you’re Ever on the Run by Chris G.

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Poems

 If you’re ever on the run, then get out the area

where people are hating cause they’re jealous or scared of you.

They’ll call the police so you really gots to listen.

Find a new set and stop looking suspicious.

Hotels and trailer parks are completely off limits.

They’ll come in and rope you off in a minute.

Stay out of Wal-mart where they mount investigations,

send face recognition to the police stations.

If one of your girls call and wants to know where you at,

you’ll have to tell her that you’ll call her right back.

Then change your number, put in someone else’s name.

Everytime you feel the heat, you better do the same.

Change your name when you meet somebody new.

Stop hanging out with your flaw-ass crew.

I tell you blood-raw that it ain’ t no fun,

living life if you’re ever on the run.


If you ever on the run, ain’ t got nowhere to go;

stuck like Chuck, ain’ t got no flow,

better get a job if you’re willing and able,

but you got to get your money from under the table.

If you can, maybe get it on the floor.

Last resort, kicking in doors.

It’s bad luck to hit somebody with dependents.

It’s bad luck to take a co=defendant.

You can’t sell dope with your name in the air.

You can’t play the game, cause the game ain’ t fair.

You can’t trust your friend and you can’t trust your lover,

Ain’ t no telling who’s an undercover,

You can’t make no money just sitting around chilling,

so it’s back to robbing and stealing.

You got to come up standing behind a gun.

It’s real hard living if you’re ever on the run.


If you’re ever on the run, and on foot running,

and all of a sudden you hear the chopper coming,

you got to ease on into a swimming pool,

until your body temperature gets real cool.

They got the infrared and they got the night vision,

You feel like you’re on an impossible mission.

Jump a bunch of fences in the night or the daylight,

just to throw off tow or three K-9’s.

If you got to run and you choose to ride,

your best chance is to boos a bike.

Get an R.J. or a Jigster on thousand;

then you hit the throttle and you’re out five thousand.

It don’t never matter where you are,

just so long as you can be a track star.

You got to be quick and you got to get er done,

It’s real hard running if you’re ever on the run.

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