DOING TIME by Chris G.

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Poems


When I get to my permanent camp,    

     they don’t phase me.

I’ll hit a brother  in his mouth

     for looking at me crazy.

They try to work me like a slave

     and I get lazy.

I just wanna workout and get tattoos.

I hit my bunk at night

     and read a book.

I learn from the best how to be a crook.

I think about all the money I took,

and all the shady things I used to do.

Everyday seems to last forever.

I get three nicks and put em together.

I go up in smoke, till I’m feeling better.

I sit back and kick heartache rhymes.

I think about my Mama

     and I think about my boo.

I think about my snitch and Jody too.

I think about when I get out

     what I’m gonna do.

This is all part of doing time.

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